Diagrams produced by Yvette Montgomery of EquiDirectory.

E Circle left 20 meters, working trot rising 4.

National tests are optional for use at National competition. .


Preliminary 1.

Partners. . Draw your dressage test a few times then see if you can do it without the written test.

4 min.

M – V V Change rein, free walk Medium walk 2 8. Dressage Results Forms. equestrian.

Practice your salute. Purpose: To introduce the rider and/or horse to the sport of dressage.

Between K & A Medium walk 5.


A L – H Turn down centerline Leg yield left 2 6. Riders receive a mark out of 10 for each.

Set the dressage arena as the background, add a layer, and use the pen or stylus to. For each test there are a set of diagrams showing where each movement starts and finish.

“Ride your lines.
If you have got it ride your test once or twice on horseback, but not too many times or your horse will start to anticipate the next movement.
____ ES Discuss test performance to include rider’s position, mount.


ring a hand-drawn diagram of the current USEF First Level Test 1 to show the layout of the arena, letters, geometry and placement of figures.

1; Diagrams for Lead Line 1. 4 min. Perform USEF First Level Test 1.

Then practice your halt and salute at x. . . Part 2 - Elementary - Advanced + Training Tips; Download the. F – E Free walk 6.


Movements for each level are prerequisites for the next level. P – M Lengthen stride in canter 2 11.

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A L – H Turn down centerline Leg yield left 2 6.

Para-dressage Tests Young Horse & Pony Dec 1, 2022 · Dressage tests serve as a measure of the horse and rider’s schooling.

Every corner, not too deep in Preliminary, but the same shape.