Under Multiple Pages select Mirror Margins. Bước 2: Tại giao diện page Setup, chọn Mirror margins ở tab Multiple pages rồi tiến hành căn chỉnh lề ở tab Margins như sau: - Top (lề trên): 2.

Double-click the.

Select Margins then Custom Margins.

There are several default options that you can choose from. Select the Layout tab. This video explains how to insert a cover page that works with mirrored margins.

At the top, the Header & Footer Tools tab appears.

Dec 11, 2019 · Open Word and head over to the “Layout” tab. Figure 5. You want the wider margin on the side that will be bound.

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Select OK. Once selected, the page margins will change.

Add a gutter margin for bound documents A gutter margin adds extra space to the side, top margin, or inside margins of a document you plan to bind. When you view on screen, you see the opposite.

Adding Page Numbers 1.
The Mirrored option is a bit less obvious, use this one if you are printing double-sided pages that are to be bound together like a book or magazine.
so each left page should have a right page with mirrored margin too.

Training: This video explains how to insert a cover page that works with mirrored margins.

Please see link for video on how to set page numbers with mirrored margins: https://vimeo.

Mirror margins are typically used to designate a. Select File then Print to preview the mirrored margins. Note: If your document contains multiple sections, the new margins apply only to the selected sections.

Verified answer. Although you have mirrored margins, the PDF you upload must be in single pages, one after the other and not side by side. When you choose mirror margins, the margins of the left page are a mirror image of those on the right page. Under Multiple Pages select Mirror Margins. Report abuse. other.

Adding Page Numbers 1.

. Go ahead and choose an option if you see one that matches what you’re needing.

You set up mirror margins by using the Page.

Then, slide the double-arrow cursor up or down to adjust the margin.

To adjust the top or bottom margins, hover your cursor over the inner border of the gray area of the vertical ruler until your cursor becomes a double arrow.


Select the margin measurements you want.