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Legally, the phrase “Taco Tuesday” cannot be used by any restaurant or business other than the Wyoming-based Taco John’s, sort of like how the NFL owns the.

While he didn’t invent the taco, he did play a large role in bringing the delicious, crunchy, cheese-filled taco that you know and love straight to the mouths of the masses. . 3, 1923, one of six children of Glen and Ruth Johnson Bell.


. Bell watched long lines of customers at a Mexican restaurant called the Mitla Cafe, located across the street, which became famous among residents for its hard-shelled tacos. (Taco John’s has about 400 locations, while Taco Bell has more than 7,200).

—the future founder of Taco Bell—decided that he wanted an easy and quick way to sling out inexpensive Tex. Taco Bell isn’t seeking any damages.


Whether you enjoy them with beef, pork or chicken, in a hard or soft tortilla shell, tacos are a staple in Mexican food.

May 16, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">New York CNN —. This fairly simple menu item featured a soft flour tortilla.

By Dennis Hevesi. Taco Tuesday, or as Mexicans know it, “Taco Tuesdays,” has its roots in the early 1800s.

Declaring a mission to liberate "Taco.
Jan 19, 2022 · fc-falcon">The History Of Taco Bell.
Here is a timeline of some of the key milestones in the company’s history: 1962: Glen Bell opens the first Taco Bell in Downey, California.

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Taco John’s is responding to the petition by running a two-week long Taco Tuesday deal (two tacos for $2), according to NPR.

Taco John’s claims to have invented the concept of setting aside an alliterative day of the week for eating tacos, though many have disputed that. Let’s recap for a moment. .

. Glen Bell, an entrepreneur who owns Bell’s Drive-In – a hot dog and hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California in 1948, is the originator of Taco Bell. The taco shell, which is. . . The company released a (hilariously petty) statement in response to Taco Bell.

The over-the-top taste sensation, in Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch and Fiery.

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May 17, 2023 · Taco Bell isn’t seeking any damages.


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Pre-formed, cheap hard-shell tacos, however, weren’t a commodity easily available until the.

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